The Gift of Compassion

<![CDATA[June is a month of celebration. We have summer, graduations and Father's Day, in addition to the normal fanfare of life. June also heralds awareness for Alzheimer's Disease and Brain Health.

As the daughter of a person battling Alzheimer's Disease, I'm particularly sensitive to concerns involving the disease. It is like a thief stealing memories and aspects of the person you love. I learned to love two versions of my Mom – before and after Alzheimer's Disease. She accepted her challenge courageously and held on to her independence maintaining her wit and pride.

Through it all, my Mom showered me with compassion and increased my own level of compassion for others. My Mom and my Dad remain my greatest loves, reflecting compassionate spirits. At the same time, my Mom's disability builds even greater compassion for her and the desire to protect her. Some, if not all of you, may be able to relate.

I know many struggle with Alzheimer's Disease and Brain Health issues. At the same time, those of us standing upon the supportive sidelines struggle with heartbreak as we cheer and fight for their victory over the thief. We hope for better days and cures. And, we research for clinical trials, progressive care providers, or even support groups. It is not easy, but we do it because of love and compassion.

This month, you might be looking at ways to volunteer to help those dealing with Alzheimer's Disease or Brain Health issues. Or, you might reflect upon your own family circumstances and appreciate that you and/or your loved one are not alone in the fight. Whatever you do, be kind to yourself while exercising compassion for others.

I extend gentle wishes for better days and hopes that you are filled with great compassion. Most importantly, I hope you and your loved one(s) are victorious on the battlefield.

I close with this quote from the Dalai Lama, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.


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