What’s in Your Gratitude Jar?

What’s in Your Gratitude Jar? @cleanseyourcache continues its Summer of Wellness campaign encouraging you to exercise daily gratitude. Place memories, wins, goals, connections and lessons in your gratitude jar to fill your cup with love. Through love, your power unfolds and propels your forward. Yesterday, I taught two sessions on taking flight. Did you knowContinue reading “What’s in Your Gratitude Jar?”

Declare Your Independence

Join Us tomorrow, July 4th at Noon – Eastern Standard Time – to Declare Your Independence from anything and everything that doesn’t serve you. Our 45 minute Freedom Menu features breathwork, meditation and immune boosting. It’s Free and Empowering. Kick off Your Summer of Wellness with me, Arlene – your presenter and guide. Register TodayContinue reading “Declare Your Independence”