KEYSTONE: Gather to Relax™

Get over the hump and leave the demands of chaos behind with the Cleanse Your Cache Circle of Care™ on ZOOM. You will empower your resilience and raise with curated calm to increase your sense of center and ability to connect. Join Us for the @cleanseyourcachemonthly KEYSTONE: Gather to Relax™ on January 26, 2022 atContinue reading “KEYSTONE: Gather to Relax™”

Wellness Wednesday Anxiety Tips!

Wednesday “Anxiety” Wellness Tips! Recently, I’ve been moved by stories of anxiety and considered my own experience with anxiety after trauma. I was physically attacked. A few days later, I started experiencing what I later learned to be a panic attack. My heart raced and I had difficulty controlling its rhythm. I reached out toContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday Anxiety Tips!”

What’s in Your Gratitude Jar?

What’s in Your Gratitude Jar? @cleanseyourcache continues its Summer of Wellness campaign encouraging you to exercise daily gratitude. Place memories, wins, goals, connections and lessons in your gratitude jar to fill your cup with love. Through love, your power unfolds and propels your forward. Yesterday, I taught two sessions on taking flight. Did you knowContinue reading “What’s in Your Gratitude Jar?”