Self-Care: Gratitude and Music

Self-Care includes music and gratitude. in ASCENSION is an exercise in self-care and tribute to Alvin Joseph Grant, father  of our founder and creative director, Arlene JM Grant.  Tim Ellis and Arlene JM Grant collaborated to create in ASCENSION. After Arlene’s father passed away, she began to research stars and discovered that scientifically we areContinue reading “Self-Care: Gratitude and Music”


Cleanse Your Cache™ celebrates the release of new music, in ASCENSION by Arlene J.M. Grant, our founder and creative director, AND Tim Ellis. in ASCENSION is a tribute to Arlene’s father based upon the comfort in knowing, scientifically, humans and stars are the same material. in ASCENSION is helping others receive comfort and manage griefContinue reading “in ASCENSION”

UNIverse: Nelson Cade III

Join Nelson Cade III, of Season 18 of the VOICE, for UNIverse – Live Performance and to develop Your Power, Your Voice, a special one hour engagement. Nelson co-hosts this event and will perform original music, engage for Q&A regarding storytelling through song, finding and exercising your voice, two ticketed guests will perform live, andContinue reading “UNIverse: Nelson Cade III”

Sena’s Birthjoy: Cat Meditation

At 6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT – TOMORROW – You’re Invited to our first Instagram Live Cat Meditation. Sena, my rescue cat, adopted 3 weeks ago is 1 years old!  Her estimated birth month is January.  And, a party is in order. We’ll have 15 minutes of energetic meditation to include a bit of gentle movement –Continue reading “Sena’s Birthjoy: Cat Meditation”

Cat Meditation

Sena’s #catmeditation #birthdayjoy happens on February 23rd at 6pm on IG Live.  I think she’s excited as she seems obsessed with getting ready – early Or, she is aware of #selfcaresundays Sena’s stretching, self-care routine expanded my coaching to create a cat-inspired meditation. It is a bit different and not yoga. It happens on InstagramContinue reading “Cat Meditation”