Cleanse Your Cache™

Self-Care Sunday 30 and my private sessions are growing and reaching across the Globe and into families.

This weekend, a sleep physician member of Self-Care Sunday 30 brought her brother and sister-in-law to our morning session at 10 am Eastern Time. It is a great compliment when your client brings their family to you to relax.

The family care continued with a Mother previously helped with her youngest child, sending her oldest child for a session. Back to back sessions today – both different and rewarding made a difference in the lives of children. The nine year old wants to continue sessions and I continue helping her six year old sister.

Seeing the look of relaxation and calm is a gift to me. I see how people brighten and as one client stated, “illuminate” and it is humbling.

Cleanse Your Cache™ has helped people just to show up for the normal day to day demands of life. And then, there are deeper levels of engagement and results from healing to release of trauma to move forward. Some of the greatest stories include a vertebrae popping in place after the person relaxed to COVID patients and long-sufferers healing. Most commonly, people relax and replenish to empower their resilience.

Therapists, doctors, lawyers, realtors, investors, educators, artists, scientists, engineers, musicians and more – joined from Africa, Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Oceania, and Israel representing diverse ethnic backgrounds yet Cleanse Your Cache™ reaches all without regard to barriers of division. I’m really thankful to create Cleanse Your Cache™ and I’m thankful to expand to help more people.

Feel free to DM for more information. The website is undergoing a renewal. Stay tuned.

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