Strong people are made by opposition like kites that go up against the wind.”

Frank Harris

The winds of heartbreak and grief have caused many to sit in shock and hurt. You may feel like a “new world” exists following loss. And, it may be difficult to connect to this new world. You are not alone in processing heartbreak and grief.

The question is how do you process the pain so that you come out stronger and whole? #love

I think – from my own traumatic experiences with heartbreak and grief – the answer is in serving others and caring for our wellbeing. This care includes embracing the pain. Acknowledge it hurts. Allow yourself to cry. Allow yourself to rest. Allow yourself to speak, write, paint or draw your truth in the moment. Allow yourself to consume goodness.

As you process grief, consider your ability to control The Power of Your Breath, The Power of What You Choose to Consume – food, music, art, and nature, The Power of Love – what you love and what loves you and The Power of Touch – embrace yourself with love. These simple techniques empower your ability to fly in the midst of heartbreak and grief.

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I AM an ambassador for the raising of our love vibration for wellbeing.  My members and circle of care told me – so I believe them it reflects my intention.

Today, is a great day to express and receive love.

I wish you much love with the greatest expression being Self-Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The quote – from #tedlasso is a great reminder that you are deserving of the best!

Breathe Well,



Register Now

Hi Everyone!

GLOW starts at 7:00 pm EST and I’m excited for the opportunity to share a plan for resilience created to help teachers cope, manage stress and anxiety and show up for life. This is needed now more than ever. 

After today, there are 12 additional LIVE modules to complete the plan. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this self-care workshop series.

There’s still time to register to attend at Eventbrite:

GLOW: Release and Relax is complimentary – FREE – and transformational.

Thanks for your attention.

Breathe Well,



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Monday Motivation

Good Morning!


I started helping others with their resilience and wellbeing in 2020. I am thankful and motivated for Tuesday’s Teachers Appreciation Self-Care Series, GLOW: Release and Relax™ at – 7pm – 8pm EST.  Through 13 LIVE Modules, February 8 – May 3 on ZOOM, teachers will receive tools to cope, build resilience, release and relax. 

This series is complimentary and open only to teachers. PLEASE SHARE with TEACHERS to register directly via eventbrite.

As a volunteer in the public school system and because teachers rock , I created this series to support teachers as my way to give back.

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KEYSTONE: Gather to Relax™


Get over the hump and leave the demands of chaos behind with the Cleanse Your Cache Circle of Care™ on ZOOM. You will empower your resilience and raise with curated calm to increase your sense of center and ability to connect.

Join Us for the @cleanseyourcache
monthly KEYSTONE: Gather to Relax™ on January 26, 2022 at 07:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Enter the following to join the session:

Meeting ID: 851 9572 6870
Passcode: selflove

This free, 45 minute session starts promptly at 7pm. To maintain the judgment-free, relaxation space, the virtual doors close at 7:10pm.

Please bring something you enjoy to touch, taste, or smell.

I will admit until we reach capacity 💛

Breathe Well,

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You Time

KEYSTONE: Gather to Relax

The New Year has been filled with time to reflect and the need to build our resilience toolkits. How’s it going? I hope you are well.

In response to requests for additional support, Cleanse Your Cache™ is offering a free circle of care for “You Time,” on January 12 at 6pm EST, to release, relax, and build your resilience.

Please see the Zoom ID and password on the graphic.

Please make sure you have something to drink, bring a favorite scent and be prepared to laugh and have fun. If you have any crayons, pencils and paper – bring them also 🌞

Breathe Well,

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Boost Immune System

7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

When we think of self-care, we think it’s about a trip to the spa or treating ourselves to a reward. It’s bigger than a thing done as a reward. Self-care is about a lifestyle.
With the commitment to this lifestyle of wellbeing – we all need tips to help keep on track.

This morning, during Self-Care Sunday 30™, we engaged in healing using tapping, one of my tools learned years ago, after recovering from a brain injury.

A friend introduced me to tapping. I modified tapping to create my own way of opening the nervous system to create new neural pathways. It is effective.

I instinctively filled my cup of water before the session. I was so thirsty after the session – even after having a full cup of water. I then remembered that with healing or aligning our electromagnetic field, thirst is one signal of progress. I was not intentionally focused on the signals, but my body reminded me.

As you engage in living a healthier lifestyle, please remember to stay hydrated. It may feel like you’re hungry or tired – try water.

Here are additional tips presented by one of my favorites – pandas: exercise, stretch, manage stress, eat well, meditate, and get your sleep – for beauty and peace of mind.

Enjoy a great week – on Wednesday at 7 EST, I’m offering a free 45 minute relaxation session via Zoom. Join us for Keystone: Gather to Relax™. DM or email cleanseyourcache (at) gmail (dot) com 💙 for the link.

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Wellness Wednesday Anxiety Tips!

Breathe Love Into Yourself

Wednesday “Anxiety” Wellness Tips!

Recently, I’ve been moved by stories of anxiety and considered my own experience with anxiety after trauma.

I was physically attacked. A few days later, I started experiencing what I later learned to be a panic attack.

My heart raced and I had difficulty controlling its rhythm. I reached out to a doctor thinking I was having a heart attack.

She was from a war torn country and told me how she experienced the same after witnessing war. My doctor suggested that I breathe.

I reached out to a musician friend with whom I created music and he suggested the 4-7-8 breathing pattern. I took the advice seriously. It brought back to memory breathing techniques learned when I became certified as a laughter yoga instructor in 2007 to help my Dad recover from his first cancer diagnosis.

I discovered that the breath is part of addressing situations that may make you anxious. The tips in this graphics empower your breath and ability to say yes to yourself. Breathe Love into Yourself™.

I teach the power of these tips and breath to help others in private and group sessions, through, Cleanse Your Cache™.

Our next Gather on Wednesday™ takes place on October 27, 2021. You’re invited to join to Capacity on Zoom at 7pm EST. DM me for the link to register. It’s free.

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Good Morning

Join Cleanse Your Cache

Good Morning.

As the Summer of Wellness continues, balance within to manage the World outside.

This week started with international crises. When observing pain and disaster, it is natural to feel anger, sadness and even despair. These feelings may come in waves. To process these feelings, stand still and slow down.

From a place of stillness, one can safely breathe love into yourself as you embrace the impact of the World around you.

To embrace the World, you do not lose yourself. You accept what is and identify if you can do anything to help others as you help yourself. As you help, be mindful to balance your wellbeing – rest, hydrate, refuel, create, play and breathe.

Manifest your good intentions to help others by exercising compassion for yourself first. Research consistently demonstrates that exercising compassion for yourself makes you better at exercising compassion for others.

Wishing you a day filled with compassion and good intentions. Breathe Love into Yourself™.

Breathe Well,

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Good Morning

Join Us for Meditation

It’s SUNday and I’m excited for each of the Self-Care Sunday 30™ sessions offered at 10 am EST and 7pm EST. Good Morning. Each day, consider beginning with an intention to set your day. The intention is a way to express gratitude and prepare you for the day.
With your intention consider the opportunities presented each day. Your day may be planned with an agenda, but then a plot twist may result. Setting an intention empowers your resilience to manage the plot twists, achieve goals and continue to flow through your day.
Wishing you a good morning, good afternoon and good evening – wherever and whenever you are.
A free, bonus meditation experience also takes place today, August 15, 2021 at 3pm EST on Zoom – we‘ll experience a friendly, hour of multi-sensory techniques to give your brain a break from the tired; create new neural pathways; and guided meditations that jump-start your wellbeing and practice. Send an email or DM, if you would like to join this bonus session.