Boost Immune System

7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

When we think of self-care, we think it’s about a trip to the spa or treating ourselves to a reward. It’s bigger than a thing done as a reward. Self-care is about a lifestyle.
With the commitment to this lifestyle of wellbeing – we all need tips to help keep on track.

This morning, during Self-Care Sunday 30™, we engaged in healing using tapping, one of my tools learned years ago, after recovering from a brain injury.

A friend introduced me to tapping. I modified tapping to create my own way of opening the nervous system to create new neural pathways. It is effective.

I instinctively filled my cup of water before the session. I was so thirsty after the session – even after having a full cup of water. I then remembered that with healing or aligning our electromagnetic field, thirst is one signal of progress. I was not intentionally focused on the signals, but my body reminded me.

As you engage in living a healthier lifestyle, please remember to stay hydrated. It may feel like you’re hungry or tired – try water.

Here are additional tips presented by one of my favorites – pandas: exercise, stretch, manage stress, eat well, meditate, and get your sleep – for beauty and peace of mind.

Enjoy a great week – on Wednesday at 7 EST, I’m offering a free 45 minute relaxation session via Zoom. Join us for Keystone: Gather to Relax™. DM or email cleanseyourcache (at) gmail (dot) com 💙 for the link.

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