Sunday Vibes: Broken Beauty

<![CDATA[In the article, How the Japanese art of Kintsugi can help you deal with stressful situations, Tiffany Ayuda discusses “Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit” by Candice Kumai.

Ms. Kumai, a chef, encourages the use of Kintsugi to embrace flaws and imperfections. Tiffany Ayuda interviewed Dr. Rachel O’Neill, LPCC, who explains: “Embracing the imperfect means that we celebrate our strengths. This shift of mindset, from striving for an impossible ideal to embracing our strengths, leads to a more positive and strength-oriented mindset.”

The act of embracing brokenness transforms our energy to positive from negative. The focus is “broken beauty” rather than flaws. If we focus upon flaws, we do not transform the energy to yield positive energy and a higher state of consciousness. The law of the conservation of energy reminds us that it can only be transformed, from one form to another.

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