A Season of Thanks


Full of thanks today; I write to share one of the things I’m thankful for – Ballerina in a Box! Available in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. Ballerina in a Box features the story of Anastasia, a ballerina who loses her confidence after an injury. #BallerinainaBox is a heartwarming story for all ages sharing concepts of #giving, #courage, #diversity and #sustainability.

For every #book sold now through December 21, one dollar helps SafeMinds.org fight #autism.

SafeMinds.org believes, as do many, that there are environmental triggers affecting the development of autism, and that they are responsible for the tremendous increase in autism prevalence since the late 1990s. Helping prevent the development of environmentally-induced autism and helping those with autism is another of my passions. I began volunteering with SafeMinds.org photographing their annual fundraiser, Fashion Rocks Autism, five years ago.

Because dance is known to help persons with autism, Safeminds.org is a great charity for me to support. Ballerina in a Box is now officially available at https://luvstorybooks.shop

A recent review of Ballerina in a Box, by a Russian mother, brought me to tears:

Удивительная история, которая вдохновляет побороть свои страхи не только детей но и взрослых. Красочные иллюстрации дополняют картину, эта книга стала любимой книгой моей дочери.

Translated into English:

An amazing story that inspires you to overcome your fears not only children but also adults. Colorful illustrations complement the picture, this book has become my daughter’s favorite book.

When I created Ballerina in a Box, I hoped to do exactly what this Mother, Natalya, shared. Reviews indicate Ballerina in a Box is becoming a favorite of adults and children. I hope Ballerina in a Box will touch your life!

Thank you for your time and enjoy your day!


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