Dance is Important

In a 2018, on, excerpt from the book, “You, Your Child and School: Navigate Your Way to the Best Education” highlighted the importance of dance education transformational benefits included healthy social relationships, improved academic performance, and physical and mental wellness.

These benefits should be revisited in 2020 as they remain just as important. The #TikTok dance trend demonstrates the importance of dance to build community.

In our children’s book, Ballerina in a Box, we present dance using the story of a ballerina who loses her confidence after a fall. Fearful, Anastasia dances her way into a figurative box to protect herself from hurt. This is a common response for anyone, not just ballerinas. Anastasia finds herself on an unintended moving adventure and in a literal box, from which she dances her way out. Ballerina in a Box is available through

Anastasia climbs into a literal box

The article also emphasizes the ability of dance to end bullying and school violence. In our children’s book, The Truth About Humpty Dumpty, available, also, at, we address bullying and dance. Eddie Egbert, the new egg in the Eggtopia block experiences bullying. Eddie’s differences – there aren’t many green eggs – attract the wrong attention. With perseverance and the encouragement of his Granny, Eddie wins over the bully and creates friends through dance.

The Truth About Humpty Dumpty Cover

To read the entire article, please click here.

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