Compassion for Self

“Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.”

This quote means much. Practicing what I preach has been a personal theme this week.  Helping is what I do. Compassion for others follows.

I learned to truly exercise compassion for self this morning. I had to raise a boundary in compassion for myself.  To my surprise, after I spoke up for myself, it encouraged another person – aware of the harmful act – to speak up. The bystander apologized to me for the hurtful actions of another. Prior to my speaking up, the bystander remained silent.

I encourage you to exercise self-compassion in order to receive compassion from others. It is self-care. It is our obligation to do so.

Exercising my voice, was using an element of self-care in the Cleanse Your Cache™ program.  Cleanse Your Cache™ is something I created and teach. This morning, I rediscovered it’s power.

Start 2021 with rediscovering your power. Join Us tonight for Raise Vibration at 5pm EST!

Much LUV & Respect!


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