21 Rituals…

21 Rituals for Sef-Care

As we embrace new beginnings and recover from the past, it is helpful to create affirmations and strategies to cope and for success.

21 Rituals is our self-care offering and gift to you for 2021. It offers 21 easy self-care tips to BE Yourself. To receive 21 Rituals, please subscribe to our LUV News or send us a request.

Number 16, of our Cleanse Your Cache™ 21 Rituals, encourages listening to music as an easy self-care ritual. Music is great for raising your vibration. We recommend listening to happy or zen playlists.

To help you practice music as a self-care ritual, you’re invited to experience our Cleanse Your Cache™ Zen Playlist on Spotify. Our Zen Playlist relaxes you to a place of calm, peace, happiness and improves sleep. Arlene, founder and creative director of Cleanse Your Cache™, curated our first playlist for Raise Vibration Happy Hour on December 31, 2020.

Raise Vibration Happy Hour offered an opportunity for connection and to embrace relaxation, meditation, art, affirmation, a virtual dessert bar, and music for wellness. Because of the love, unity and vision shared, Cleanse Your Cache™ will continue happy hours in 2021.

Stayed tuned for our next Raise Vibration Happy Hour event featuring cooking as a self-care ritual with a professional chef. And, we will offer new exclusive playlists to our members.

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ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC, a benefit company, creates art, communication and education products. We produce the GOD and Matter podcast, books, and wearable art items of inspiration. Our philosophy, do everything in LUV, reflects our spiritual commitment and discipline, which values both natural law and science.

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