Tea & Cakes™: Italy

Té is Fashionable in Italy

This week Tea & Cakes™ travelled to Italy.  It was a great virtual trip. Having been to Italy many times, I must confess it isn’t the same, but it was fun and brought up nostalgia for which I have great gratitude.

Italy is an interesting tea destination. It has a rich history of conversation and coffee. Espresso comes quickly but lasts longer due to the quality of  conversation and the value on slowing down for building community.

Sigh. Literally I sighed as I appreciated the community and the reminders of Italy.

Té – in Italian – is becoming more trendy like a fashionable culture runway as appreciation grows for tea beyond when you feel sick or for wellness. Tea is enjoy sweet with a wedge of lemon, traditionally.  And, tea is paired beyond the cup to include in food.

Speaking of food, Creamy Rose Panna Cotta, an Italian dessert makes for a great compliment to satisfy your palate and appetite. Panna Cotta is easy to make and I highly recommend it!

Next week, I think we’ll have to travel some place I haven’t been. I hope you’ll join me.

Tea & Cakes™ is a Monday ritual from Cleanse Your Cache™ and offers a look at tea cultures from across the Globe. We hope you’ll join us to share, learn and discover cultures as well as the benefits of tea.

Do remember to, “Take Good Breaths!”

Much LUV & Respect,


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