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Self-Care by FAV Chef Contestant

Thanks so much to everyone who placed a #herovote and supported my rise to FAV chef #Top10 !!! Thank you for helping raise money for Feeding America. Please continue voting your hero and Facebook votes.

Yesterday, I looked for the first time at categories assigned. I realized that Favorite Chef placed me in the #hero category. There are 3 other categories – #trending, #mover and #popular.

My heart sang knowing I rose to Top 10 because of your Hero Vote support, which is not attached to everyone in #favchef2021. I do not take “hero” lightly. Thank you for believing with your vote. Thank you Favorite Chef!

I am in this #FavoriteChef event to win to help myself and continue helping others.

It was suggested that I share more about me. And, it makes sense – I’m asking you to help me.

I’ve always helped and realized what I’ve done speaking with my Rabbi today and a reporter about my volunteer immigration work reuniting families yesterday.

When traveling the world teaching conflict resolution, I stopped my new career. My friend died the day she gave birth. The baby grabbed my finger in the NICU (intensive care for babies) when they said he couldn’t see. He also grabbed my heart.

After he came home, I was in the shower and felt concern for him. I raced out the shower to find the baby suffocating in the bed next to his father. The baby’s monitor had fallen off. So his father, asleep, had no clue the baby couldn’t breathe and was in duress.

I grabbed the baby and he started to breathe.  His father awakened. He looked at me, “Arlene, do you realize you have no clothes on?” I did in that moment. Embarrassed, I placed the baby on his back in his crib. I literally came directly from the shower. His father then rolled over saying, “Thank you for saving him.”

I promised the baby to help him strengthen his core to push himself up if he fell over again. I paused my career going to NY.  I provided care, daily exercise and massage to this miracle baby. He learned to push up though tiny.

There are many stories from that time. But the most important is the baby who wasn’t expected to survive is now a freshman in college.

I am his thankful #Godmother

Please continue to vote for me.

And please join me on Instagram LIVE at 10am on Sunday for an energetic meditation. This session takes place weekly until the next cycle at 10am ET and is offered to everyone free.

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