Butternut Squash Pasta

FAV Chef

Hi Everyone!

I got to the kitchen and listened to #tabithabrown on leftovers as I continue in #favchef

Shamefully wrinkled peppers, garlic, and butternut squash brought to life with leftover salsa, coconut oil and spices with pasta in a single vegan pot resulted in this Butternut Squash Pasta made a spontaneous bunch of deliciousness.  #challengeaccepted

Sometimes we throw out perfectly good vegetables because of how they “look.” But, they are fine.  Thinking less about the perfection of a vegetable or fruit and more about its benefits – may help along the wellness path.

Adding cold water to vegetables will bring them back to life.

For those new to my page, I’m Arlene and I started cooking seriously to help my Dad recover from his first bout with cancer.  It worked. I was so inspired, I tried out for Master Chef and was invited back and then invited by Fox. I passed because I didn’t want to tell the world my Dad had #cancer. He approved, but I didn’t want to talk about his condition on National TV.

Unfortunately, my Dad passed away 10 years after his recovery from a second form of unrelated cancer.  He followed a different regimen and it didn’t help him.  He passed away in a matter of months.

Since processing all that happened to my Dad, I’m more determined to help people with their food rituals and even my social justice volunteer work of reuniting families.

Please vote for me as it helps me continue my efforts of freeing people from cages and getting babies back into the arms of their mothers.

Thank you for those who VOTE  for and continue supporting me. #favchef2021

Voting for the next 2 hours doubles your hero vote and helps #feedingamerica

I ask you to share this post and let me know if you tried my Butternut Squash Recipe.

Breathe Well,

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