GOD and Matter

The Theory of Everything presented the work of Dr. Stephen Hawking in a 2014 highly acclaimed film starring Eddie Redmayne. The film, however, is more than the love story of a scientist and his work. It promotes the idea that everything is connected. The idea of connection is the basis for theoretical physics and quantum mechanics.

Though I’m trained as an attorney and work as an artist, I am fascinated by the World that connects us all. This attracts me to physics while strengthening my perspective on faith. Science and, in particular, the physics discipline, support the energy of GOD.
What is the energy of GOD? If you subscribe to most religious dogma, We are. We are Matter. But, we are more than flesh. Each of us carries a vibration.

Consider meeting someone for the first time. You might feel instant attraction or disdain. For those professing “love at first sight,” they claim a reaction of sparks, tingling or a knowing. That is energy.

Now think about the notion of vibes. Some people have a negative vibration and it is palpable upon meeting. You might shudder or wish to avoid a repeat encounter. That is energy.

Matter is more than human beings. From a science and spiritual perspective, it is all that exists or, creation, if you prefer. We, as people, impact the environment. This is a known variable.

I believe and, physics quantifies, the theory that the influence and power of connection transcend our immediate environment. And, our individual awareness of this connection is a matter of consciousness.

For me, there is a literal and figurative gravitational pull to a greater energy existing beyond me. Some people call it GOD while others call it the Universe, Creator or Source. However, I’m less consumed with the name and more committed to the knowing of this “Energy” that set a potential multiverse into existence.

Through prayer and praise, I’ve had moments in which I’ve tapped into this energy to create palpable shifts. I’m certain that I’m not alone in this regard. Moreover, I believe such energy is available to seekers with the faith to believe it is accessible to them. For example, scientists tap into this energy. And, this “seeking” is particularly true for those researching quantum mechanics and theoretical physics.

Having experienced the power and purity of this energy, I wish to share it with others. And, my experiences have led me to the church, seminary and the field of physics to better understand and access this energy of which I speak.

It is my hope that through stories of creation and the exploration of science that GOD and Matter will become more than a podcast. In that I believe we all have the capacity to tap into this energy, I’m persuaded GOD and Matter will serve as a catalyst to create a better, empowered world for its listeners and those among us.

ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC launches the GOD and Matter podcast in May 2018, along with its full website, ArlieSpeaks.com. Stay tuned!

Published by iamarliespeaks

ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC, a benefit company, creates art, communication and education products. We produce the GOD and Matter podcast, books, and wearable art items of inspiration. Our philosophy, do everything in LUV, reflects our spiritual commitment and discipline, which values both natural law and science.

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