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Quora is a great resource for exercising self-expression and connecting with others.

A question answered today, prompts sharing the Quora reflection here.

Humans, as matter, have various frequencies. Suffering is a low energy vibration that drains the life force of its target, if left unchecked. However, suffering also presents opportunity. Those who process and heal from suffering may reemerge stronger and more focused.

Why do we have to suffer in life? by Arlie Speaks

What are your thoughts on suffering?

ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC aims to be, among other things, a voice of encouragement inspiring persons to rebuild from disaster toward a celebration of triumph.

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ArlieSpeaks Media, LLC, a benefit company, creates art, communication and education products. We produce the GOD and Matter podcast, books, and wearable art items of inspiration. Our philosophy, do everything in LUV, reflects our spiritual commitment and discipline, which values both natural law and science.

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