Monday Motivation: Miracles

The idea of faith is not readily grasped. Traditionally, the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith teach that “God” is this being that is less accessible and requiring an intermediary. But, GOD is more than “God” and those who seek GOD, with a sincerity of heart, find GOD and unlock miracles.

Faith requires a confidence that GOD does not discriminate and LOVES ALL. This LOVE allows those who seek GOD to celebrate miracles on a daily basis.

Albert Einstein did not necessarily believe in religion, but he believed in GOD. And, his faith allowed him to see what scientists continue to study and prove. I believe Albert Einstein saw what his faith and relationship with GOD allowed him to experience and see.

Faith and science are more closely related than many World religions would like their followers to believe. And, to reject the connection between science and faith is to deny our power to celebrate miracles, daily.

Embrace your power to BE.

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