Friday Feeling

Immigration Rights

Today was amazing and I’m super thankful!

1. Filed a Petition to Release another Mom.

2. Created New Recipes. Excited to share the comfort foods this weekend.

3. Conducted a Conference Call on #Gratitude with a Senior Citizen needing Support. I learned from his practice. He tracks 5 items per day in his gratitude journal.

4. Submitted a followup to the Morning Petition with ALL Documents Accepted.

5. Talked to my pro bono client in detention and her family.

6. Walked to the grocery store and shopped.

7. Designed and Delivered 75 minute talk on Immigration in America at a congregation and recruited volunteers to help immigrants.

8. Gifted an one-on-one @cleanseyourcache session to donate to a child in a thriving plan. I teared up with Joy seeing this child happy. And, listening to the feedback from the parent touched my soul.

9.  I am sending thank you notes in between to those who supported and continue to support my #favchef win.  I don’t know the name of every supporter, but I thank you. Please accept this THANK YOU! This weekend is 2 for 1 HERO Votes with a percentage of proceeds benefiting #feedingamerica

10. Scheduled a conference call for climate advocacy on a global scale and I’m super thankful as climate change and resilience are so important to me.

11. A newspaper published a story on my volunteer immigration service.  I have not seen the article, but a friend sent a text.  When I have time to track the article, I’ll share more.

I sigh thankful as reflect and thank about my Mom pushing me off the phone to get ready for my presentation before the congregation.

This graphic is adapted to Social media sizing, but it opened my presentation.

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