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“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

True Beauty is Helping Others and my reflection of the Day!

The day started with the weird Daylight Savings Time and I forgot! For those who overslept or are catching up – I was there with you.   I actually took a nap to get my hour back!!!

Fortunately, I was able to lead two sessions – Calm°15 ™ on Instagram and donated a Self-Care Sunday 30, to my #cleanseyourcache community circle of people from around the World supporting each other via Zoom.

I also filmed a new recipe and will share soon.  A bit later than planned because I am volunteering to help a little girl thrive.  I created a couple recipes for her today and it was fun! I used the ingredients before, but I had to tailor it to her current diet and research.

Unknown fact – after I used food to help recover from autoimmune issues, I pitched a Network an idea for GIFT (Gluten Intolerant Nut Free Tables). They said No.  I wanted a restaurant that everyone could eat stress free.

Creating special health sensitive recipes is something I’ve done as a gift for people for years.  But, today, I formally created and donated the first GIFT™ #veganrecipes to this little girl. It makes me so happy to help! I recommended things that helped me, research, and a certification I’m completing in nutrition.

So, thanks Eleanor Roosevelt, I received strength and new thoughts to help others and myself. I told my class to act with Courage this week and I did so in serving GIFT virtually. A table for one special child whom I’m thankful to help thrive.

Thank you to all who support my efforts to help others and #FavChef participation. 2 for 1 HERO Votes benefit #feedingamerica and help me until 2am EST/11pm PST or vote daily on Facebook


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