Breathe Love into Yourself

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Did you know camels greet each other by sharing breath? How beautiful is that to breathe life into another being? How beautiful to appreciate and see the other to say you matter? Everyone desires to be seen and valued. This act of kindness is a model for elevating self and others.

Kindness also boosts the immune system and serotonin. The benefits of kindness extends beyond the receiving party. Kindness benefits the giver and also those who observe the kindness.

This week, the Self-Care Sunday 30™ community circle focused upon the power of breath, love, and kindness in our multisensory meditation experience. The power of love resonated with participants across the United States – West, South, North and East all represented with a collective transformation of love.

The circle opens again soon and I continue to expand the private one-on-one sessions. It is a blessing to help others and witness the power of @cleanseyourcache.

One Member of Self-Care Sunday 30™ and I met beyond our Zoom screens and the power of the connection is real. She shared an interesting observation. As a physician, she received #headspace free to cope during the past year. She told me #cleanseyourcache was more powerful for her relaxation and transformation. 😇

I’m creating opportunities to help more people in need. Stay tuned. Until then, I hope this quote inspires you:

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”
—Scott Adams

Breathe Well,

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