Monday Motivation Yields Tuesday Thoughts

#ChooseLove #bettyboop #cartoon #nostalgia #happiness #music #newmusic #selflove #TikTok#positivevibes #mondaymotivation “Indulge yourself–a girl can never have too many shoes.” – Betty Boop Betty Boop encourages a common form of self-love, which many do on sale holidays like, #presidentsday.  It is important to make time to indulge positive habits including music. #TimEllis #ArleneJMGrant

Sunday Vibes…

I’m Connie, one of the lead characters of our latest children’s book, The Truth About Humpty Dumpty! It’s available at I guess you might want to know something about me. I LOVE MUSIC! Music is healing and an awesome way to connect the World! Music also reduces anxiety, blood pressure, depression and pain. MusicContinue reading “Sunday Vibes…”

Choose Love

Our first #song, #ChooseLove, is making its way up the charts and into hearts. It is a #reggae #dubstep blend by #TimEllis and #ArleneJMGrant. If you haven’t heard Choose Love, purchase or stream our sound on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play!, iHeartRadio, iTunes, MediaNet, Napster, Shazam, Spotify, Tidal, TikTok and YouTube. The musicContinue reading “Choose Love”

Sunday Vibes: Australian Fires

As we move into 2020 with hopes of every goodness, we are mindful of the need to protect our planet. “Our Hose is on Fire.” And, Australia is proof that we must act and be accountable as its custodians. It is heartbreaking to watch the flames and the fear. There are also moments of hopeContinue reading “Sunday Vibes: Australian Fires”