Sunday’s are great time to chill, as they say these days. I guess I should introduce myself too, I’m Granny from The Truth About Humpty Dumpty available at I love music and I’ve got moves like Jagger! My Grandson, Eddie, won a dance contest recently! I taught him everything he knows on the dance floor and he’ll tell you so.

So, what else can I tell you about me? I’ve got a playlist! Click on the video below for my top 5! It’s fire!

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I agree with the benefits of music. I think Connie told you about them. Well, one thing she didn’t tell you is that it is important to listen but also dance!

Did you know dancing also improves brain function and memory? Well, now you do. If you want to know more, read what they had to say at Harvard:

Enough talk, this Heart Health month, make time to dance. What’s on your Playlist?

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Sunday Vibes…

I’m Connie, one of the lead characters of our latest children’s book, The Truth About Humpty Dumpty! It’s available at

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I guess you might want to know something about me. I LOVE MUSIC!

Music is healing and an awesome way to connect the World! Music also reduces anxiety, blood pressure, depression and pain. Music also improves brain aging, cognition, concentration, mood, memory and sleep! Music is so good for us because it stimulates the entire brain. You can learn more about music benefits here:

Music offers many genres with a sound for every ear. Choose Love, our song streaming everywhere, offers a sound that is original positively impacting the brain. We’re ecstatic that a chamber violinist said Choose Love gave her a pleasant “ear worm” to her surprise!

We hope to amplify ear worms around the World and in hearts with the echo, Choose Love.

February is Heart Health Month. Do your heart some good, Choose Love. When stress presents itself, Choose Love. When you are tempted to get upset, Choose Love. And, when you Choose Love, remember to practice “self-love” and share the love you wish to give others with yourself.

Oh, and Choose Love is by Tim Ellis & Arlene J.M. Grant. I almost forgot to share that!

Much LOVE, Connie

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Choose Love

Enjoy our Video!

Our first #song, #ChooseLove, is making its way up the charts and into hearts. It is a #reggae #dubstep blend by #TimEllis and #ArleneJMGrant.

If you haven’t heard Choose Love, purchase or stream our sound on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play!, iHeartRadio, iTunes, MediaNet, Napster, Shazam, Spotify, Tidal, TikTok and YouTube.

The music video focuses upon #climateawareness and #climateresilience with marine life may be enjoyed on YouTube!

Sunday Vibes: Australian Fires

As we move into 2020 with hopes of every goodness, we are mindful of the need to protect our planet. “Our Hose is on Fire.” And, Australia is proof that we must act and be accountable as its custodians.

Source: The Irish Times View

It is heartbreaking to watch the flames and the fear. There are also moments of hope as Koala, Kangaroo and People come together to brave the flames. At the same time, our attention must face the problem to create sustainable solutions.

Source: CNN
Cyclist helping thirsty Koala

The aboriginal people of Australia suggested recently that they return to the pre-European settlement practice of fire burning for land management. Click Firesticks Alliance, to learn more about indigenous burning practices as a potential solution to bushfires. The problem extends beyond land management.

Source: Firesticks Alliance Source
Landscape management failing linked to Bushfires

We have to take responsibility for the climate crisis. It isn’t too late to start adopting a sustainable lifestyle. It isn’t too late to make changes. In 2020, our platform includes promoting a more sustainable living. To that end, our work with the Citizens Climate Lobby continues as well as our Arts advocacy for “No Yawning in Public™”. We hope to inspire others to protect our home.

Our Platform for Sustainable Living

To the nature, people and animals of Australia, you are in our heart and we join your prayers for relief. For those interested in helping with the Australian climate crisis and their bushfire devastation, here are some opportunities: Australian Red Cross Salvation Army Australia, Go Fund Me , FoodBank Australia , St. Vincent de Paul, Givit, Firefighter Families, Support Firefighting Brigade, WIRES to Help Wildlife, World Wildlife Fund Australia, and RSPCA NSW Rescue and Treatment.


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Happy New Year

Fearless in 2020

This Year has been filled with so many experiences from Scuba Diving in Italy when there was a failure with my line requiring me to free myself to breathe air and not salt water (not a good thing to do as it is potentially fatal as was the alternative of not taking action) to the beauty of freeing myself, again, to release my creative passions with the World.  #BallerinainaBox is about moving past fear to soar. It is an illustrated #book designed for #children of all ages.  Ballerina in a Box is available in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish with a new English Animated AudioBook at I wish everyone a #positive #HappyNewYear2020!  #balletpost #dance #fearlessliving #inspirational #tuesdaythoughts

A Season of Thanks

Full of thanks today; I write to share one of the things I’m thankful for – Ballerina in a Box! Available in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. Ballerina in a Box features the story of Anastasia, a ballerina who loses her confidence after an injury. #BallerinainaBox is a heartwarming story for all ages sharing concepts of #giving, #courage, #diversity and #sustainability.

For every #book sold now through December 21, one dollar helps fight #autism. believes, as do many, that there are environmental triggers affecting the development of autism, and that they are responsible for the tremendous increase in autism prevalence since the late 1990s. Helping prevent the development of environmentally-induced autism and helping those with autism is another of my passions. I began volunteering with photographing their annual fundraiser, Fashion Rocks Autism, five years ago.

Because dance is known to help persons with autism, is a great charity for me to support. Ballerina in a Box is now officially available at

A recent review of Ballerina in a Box, by a Russian mother, brought me to tears:

Удивительная история, которая вдохновляет побороть свои страхи не только детей но и взрослых. Красочные иллюстрации дополняют картину, эта книга стала любимой книгой моей дочери.

Translated into English:

An amazing story that inspires you to overcome your fears not only children but also adults. Colorful illustrations complement the picture, this book has become my daughter’s favorite book.

When I created Ballerina in a Box, I hoped to do exactly what this Mother, Natalya, shared. Reviews indicate Ballerina in a Box is becoming a favorite of adults and children. I hope Ballerina in a Box will touch your life!

Thank you for your time and enjoy your day!


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